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Some art will die. Save the art.

Infamous from coast-to-coast, Art vs. Art is a winner-take-all painting competition with a twist. It's an entirely different atmosphere for an art show with musical entertainment, revelry, and the ultimate in audience participation.

Art vs. Art is an art competition featuring side-by-side face-offs between same-day created paintings. Artists compete head-to-head for the huge $4,000 cash prize... and you judge. The winner is determined by audience vote; the loser faces the Wheel of Death unless someone's generous purchase can save the painting from a ruinous fate.

Some art will die. SAVE THE ART.

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Paint Day

Saturday, September 6, 2014
Garfield Park Arts Center
10 AM to 4 PM

85 artists put their skills to
the test on Paint Day!

Main Event

Friday, September 26, 2014
The Vogue
9 PM to Midnight
(Doors open at 8 PM)

How It Works

Step 1: Ready, set, paint!

On Saturday, September 6, 2014, at the Garfield Park Arts Center, competing artists have only four hours to paint using identical provided materials:

  • an 18x24 canvas
  • a pack of five brushes
  • acrylic paints in red, yellow, blue, black and white

Step 2: Vote online or in person.

Completed paintings are photographed and posted online where site visitors can vote for their three favorites. Come back to after Paint Day to vote!

New in 2014, all paintings will also be on display at the Garfield Park Arts Center during the month of September. Patrons will be able to vote for their 3 favorites in person.

Step 3: Save the art.

The 32 paintings with the most votes are displayed at the Main Event, held on Friday, September 26, 2014, at the Vogue Theatre in Broad Ripple.

At the show, the audience members can preview the work and fill out a ballot for their three favorites. The top 16 vote-getters then battle it out on stage, where two randomly selected finalists square off head-to-head. The winning painting advances to the next round. The losing painting faces the threat of destruction as determined by a spin of the ominous Wheel of Death.

Audience members can save paintings from impending doom by buying them. Artists keep 70% of the sales of their paintings.

Paintings that don't make it to the Top 32 are sold at the event for $50. An auctioneer from Christy's start the bids at a minimum amount depending on the round:

  • Round 1: $200
  • Round 2: $300
  • Round 3: $400
  • Round 4: $500

Anxiety builds as the wheel spins because if the spin lands on Instant Death, the painting is not auctioned and faces immediate destruction.

The artist of the last painting standing is crowned the Art vs. Art 2014 champion and will receive the traveling title belt, full bragging rights, a serenade, and an oversized check for the Grand Prize.

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